The Alderbrook Pool, 4713 Independence Avenue, Riverdale NY 10471

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Wave Hill + Alderbrook

Join Wave Hill - a great complement to your Pool membership

Wave Hill - NYC's 28-acre public garden and cultural center, overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. Just 300 yards from the Alderbrook Pool.

Add a Wave Hill visit or membership to your Alderbrook Pool experience! A summer's day visit to Wave Hill is the perfect complement to a relaxing swim at the Alderbrook Pool. Wave Hill provides parking for your car, or a free shuttle bus to and from the nearby Riverdale MetroNorth station or the 242 St subway station (terminus of the 1 train). The Alderbrook Pool is a 3 minute walk from Wave Hill's main entrance.

Find out more about Wave Hill at

The Alderbrook Pool does not sell Wave Hill admission or memberships. To join Wave Hill, visit the Wave Hill membership page.


The Alderbrook Pool is not affiliated with Wave Hill - this page is provided for informational purposes only.

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