The Alderbrook Pool, 4713 Independence Avenue, Riverdale NY 10471

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Rules Regarding Guests of Members


Pool members who are not Alderbrook residents:

• May bring guests (in limited number) on weekdays. Guest passes are $10 each. See

below for the procedure.


• Must accompany their guests to the pool


• Are asked not to bring guests on weekends, as the pool sometimes gets crowded.

If you have a special need on a particular weekend (e.g. houseguests), please call Dov (917) 848-8914 or Victor (914) 646-8311, or email, to see if something can be arranged.


Also, please remember that “guests” may come only a few times each summer. If they are frequent visitors, they should become members themselves.


Rules Regarding Children

• Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The lifeguard on duty is

responsible for everyone at the pool, and unattended children can distract from other duties. Parents should pay attention to their children and not leave the job to the lifeguard.

• Adults supervising children are responsible for ensuring appropriate behavior and consideration for all pool users.

• Small children who cannot swim must wear flotation devices at all times (even when they are not in the water). Our “shallow end” is 3 feet deep – over the head of most young children.


• All children unable to swim or to stand on the pool bottom at the shallow end must be

accompanied in the water at all times by an adult.


• Babies must wear swim diapers in the water.


• No Running on the pool deck.


• No “dangerous” play. The lifeguard will decide what is dangerous. Parents should be

involved in monitoring their children at the pool.


• Children under 12 must pass a deep-water test in order to swim anywhere but at the 3-foot end of the pool. Please arrange with the lifeguards, who have the test instructions.


Use of “Guest Cards”

• When you bring guests, bring a completed guest pass (guests’ names, your name, date of visit) for each guest. Our insurance requires that we know the name of each person using the pool, and we need to keep records of users.


• Give your card(s) to the lifeguard. She or he will make a note on the attendance roster and put the card in our “collection box”.


• If you forget to bring a guest card or have run out of cards, they may be purchased either from the lifeguard (who will only have a limited number available for sale) or from Dov or Victor for $10 per card.


• Please do not ask the lifeguards to make change.


• Please no IOU’s.


Other Rules

• The lifeguards will have up-to-date membership lists and will be instructed to ask for your

names each time you come. Give your name to the guard even if he/she forgets to ask.

Please do not assume that the lifeguard knows your name.


• Except for very young children, there is to be no dressing or undressing (except for coverups) at poolside or in the shed. The lifeguards are instructed to keep people from dressing or undressing in the shed. The Lifeguard can direct you to a place where you may change .


• Eating or drinking at the pool (except for water) is not permitted, not even snacks for

children. Food and sodas attract vermin and bees.


• Smoking is prohibited.


• No music playing (though equipment with headphones is permissible).


• Please park only on the north (pool) side of 247th Street or on Independence Avenue south of 247th Street (though not on the grass).


• Please do not bring chaises — there isn’t room. Also, leave dogs and other pets at home.


• Please make an effort to keep the noise level down; we do have neighbors. Use cell phones sparingly; if you must talk on the phone, go outside the pool area


NOTE: The lifeguard on duty has complete authority within the pool area.


These rules help ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Please observe them!

Thank you.


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