The Alderbrook Pool, 4713 Independence Avenue, Riverdale NY 10471

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Pool Status


Wednesday June 26, 2019
The pool is OPEN
Thursday June 27, 2019
The pool will be OPEN
(for regular hours, see 'Hours' page)
The National Lightning Safety Institute recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder is heard before resuming activity in the water. At the Alderbrook Pool, we follow these recommendations. 

As you know, the pool is managed by volunteers. We do what we can to update this page, but sometimes, the updates regarding weather just don’t happen. 


If the weather is very rainy, you can assume that the pool is closed. But if the weather is off-again, on-again rainy, and the web site isn't informative, you can do one of three things: come over and see if the pool is open, call the pool manager, or, call the pool itself: 718 432-1171.  If no one answers, chances are the pool is closed. The lifeguard should answer if he or she is there and the pool is open. 

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